My Cat, Clawshank the Decimator, otherwise known as Kitty, was a patient at another vet on the Island but when we had an emergency this morning I called them and they told me that their doctor was at a conference and would not be back until tomorrow. When I asked for a referral the lady at the desk said that they ‘were not allowed to refer…’ and that I should go to the nearest vet.

I Googled Vets with my zip code and Cheek to Cheek came up. I looked at the photograph of all of these nice people and called and spoke to Ellen and got an appointment immediately.  Heather checked us in at the desk and Toni led us back to the exam room. They obtained Kitty’s records in minutes and Dr. Guy Cheek saw my cat, and he and Cheryl and Toni made her better in minutes.

When I tell you that this was absolutely the best experience I have ever had at a vet’s office, please believe me. These people are all loving, caring individuals and Dr. Cheek was exceedingly knowledgeable, patient and gentle with both an anxious human and an anxious cat. Kitty has a New Vet and Vet’s office and that is Dr. Guy Cheek and Team. Thanks all.

– Mickie M.

A few months ago I brought a stray baby home with me, I named her Lilly and instantly she and I became inseparable. Unfortunately the rest of the family did not feel the same. She was biting anyone who tried to pet her. I knew she had been abused so I figured a lot of love would finally win her over and we would all have a happy ending. I took her for a wellness checkup and they could not examine her properly because she was so aggressive but he could tell Lilly had bad teeth along with other problems.

After watching her for a few days I realized she was in terrible pain. I took her in and Dr.Cheek had to pull 9 teeth. The surgery went great, Lilly began to heal. Low and behold Lilly jumped into my grandson’s lap and gave him many kisses. Shocked us all! Now she’s so gentle and loving. Maybe she was thrown out to fend for herself because she bite everybody viciously, I don’t know. But I now understand how important good dental health for animals really is. I can not express my gratitude enough to DR.Cheek and his wonderful staff. You guys ROCK! And we have our happy ending.

– Sara B.

My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel loved his first visit to his new vet today. Dr. Hall was wonderful and the whole staff was great. When George got home he said,” I got an A, where’s my snack?” He then ate his snack and went to sleep. Can’t wait to bring my 5 year old tabby, Major Anthony Nelson in for his checkup soon. Will send photo’s soon. Recommend Cheek to Cheek to everyone.

– Jennifer U. and George

I absolutely loved it! Everyone was so very nice and was very good about answering all of my questions. They did a wonderful job! My fur-baby got spayed and I was so nervous about leaving her but when I went back to get her that afternoon I could look at her and tell that she wasn’t a bit nervous and she had been well taken care of! She got spayed on Tuesday and she is doing great! Thanks so much for taking good care of her!

– Kristin T.

Nothing but great experiences with every single person I have encountered at Cheek to Cheek! My pets and I felt welcome, they were taken care of very well, I was called as part of the follow up after our visit, and dozens of questions were answered with tons of patience.

– Ute M.

Been with them from the beginning. From a Lhapso Apso, through German Shepherds-sweetest dogs on earth! Dr. Cheek and his staff are the best, and I pray he doesn’t retire anytime soon.

– Julie C.

Thank you so much for taking care of my dog Boss for so many years. The past week has been hard for my family and I. I received a sweet card from your office today and I had tears of joy just knowing he was a sweet dog who was loved by so many. Thank you again for your kind words.

– Megan A.

They are the sweetest most caring place I have taken my animals so far. They are wonderful at their job and my furbabies seem to love them. They are a bit higher priced than some other places but you get what you pay for and my babies would not go to anyone else unless I had no other choice.

– Michelle H.

This was our first visit to this office. The office staff was great! The doctor and her assistant listened to our concerns and fully explained the diagnosis and how to administer the medications. I was very pleased with the care my westie received.

– Josephine C.

Thank you Dr Cheek and your wonderful team for everything you did for Daisy & us!! Y’all really are the best. I feel comfortable & comforted by all of you!!! Thank you again!!!

– Mary R.