Spay and Neuter Packages

Low Cost Spay and Neuter Packages

Why would you choose a low-cost, mobile, “Parking Lot” veterinarian, or a pet adoption/rescue center to perform surgery on your pet, when you can have the same procedure done by a well-trained veterinary team and hospital for the same or lower cost? What is the difference?

We have a professional well-trained staff that will take care of you and your pet from your first phone call, and then throughout the rest of your pet’s life.
We will take the time to do a thorough physical exam, document this exam in a medical record, and then consult with you on the total health care needs of your pet.
We will be here during regular hours and after hours if needed 24/7.
Our anesthesia standards and pain management standards, the way anesthesia is performed and monitored and the pain management drugs we use, are designed and performed with your pet’s best interest in mind.
Each surgery is performed with a freshly sterilized surgery pack.
The nurse and surgeon follow well-established, sterile surgical standards.
A well-trained professional will monitor your pet in our intensive care/surgical recovery area and make sure your pet is safe and comfortable after surgery.
We will communicate with you and let you know how the procedure went and how your pet is doing once the surgery is completed.
We perform a reasonable but limit number of surgeries each day so your pet is treated as an important patient and not a number.

Low-Cost Basic Package Includes:

Free Physical Exam and consultation on your pet’s total health care need
Pre-anesthesia sedation and narcotic pain injection
Gas anesthesia, electronic vitals monitor, and anesthesia nurse.
Freshly sterilized surgery pack and sterile surgical procedure.
Post-operative narcotic pain injection.
Your pet is monitored post-operatively.

Cat Neuter – 75.00
Cat Spay – 223.00
Dog Neuter – 223.00
Dog Neuter > 90 lbs – 235.00
Dog Spay – 258.00
Dog Spay > 90 lbs – 265.00

Low-Cost Premium Package Includes:

All items in the basic package plus pre-surgical blood tests, IV Catheter, IV Fluids, IV Fluid Pump, and Pain Medication to go home with your pet.

Cat Neuter – 99.00
(No catheter and fluids needed-short procedure)
Cat Spay – 270.00
Dog Neuter 1-25 lbs – 280.00
Dog Neuter 26-50 lbs – 290.00
Dog Neuter 51-90 lbs – 341.00
Dog Neuter >90 lbs – 380.00
Dog Spay 1-25 lbs – 357.00
Dog Spay 26-50 lbs – 379.00
Dog Spay 51-90 lbs – 397.00
Dog Spay >90 lbs – 450.00